Digital imaging and 3D

Eddie Rigged


Pro Saddle Campagne


Arvato Bretelsman

American Express Touch Tell

3d vwtouran

ABN AMRO Altijd en overal

TomTom trucknavigatie

Elkien 3d Illustraties

TomTom rider great edition

The Perfect Match

World history with a wink

Concept, Game and film

House of the last gods

Fantasy Card Game

virulys constelation

Fantasy Illustrations

Sixt Vienna airport

Cyberpunk concept art

Game Art Gamania

Orphans of the cold war

On the phone doodles


Groningen Fietsstad infographics


Energy Valley kaart

Corporatieplein infographics

Leeuwarden culturele hoofdstad pixel illustratie

Infographic Area Reiniging

Visualising, Retail And event

Glazz product illustraties

Mascotte ontwerpen WK Albert Heijn

Winkelvloer activatie Westland kaas

Winkelvloer activatie Driscolls




Wimpie voor Oliehoorn

Illustraties voor Tinga deuren

Wetterskip Cartoons

Barbie Mattel

Commissioned by  Blue Ocean Entertainment for Barbie KreativSPASS

Barbie Kreativ Spass

Barbie Carnival

Barbie Spring

Barbie Gold theme Party

Barbie princesball

Black white and grey

Sketches for incassade

Tipico The Golden ball

Story of milk


I am a freelance illustrator, with more than 15 years of professional experience, working for a large number of publishers, ad & media agencies, and entertainment companies.
Here are some of the services I provide:

 - Illustration & (info)graphics
- Cartoons & Caricatures
- Character design and development
- Concept art / Visualisation / Storyboards
- 3D



Art Studio Pascal de Jong
studio voor illustratie & beeldbewerking
Voorstreek 14, 8911 JN Leeuwarden

Mobiel : +31 (0)6-46062463
E-mail :